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Home Service

Home users are always looking for cost effective international calling with the best quality. Newly developed access technologies like xDSL, Cable and wireless are paving the way for voice to be transported over the Internet, bypassing the local PTT's and creating a new market for Voice over DSL and Cable connections. BSI is providing services to DSL and other access technology operators using its IADs and international dialing connectivity over its IP based Class 5 switch to cover this market of home users.

Enterprise Service

Corporate and enterprise voice has emerged as the leading market for voice service providers specifically ITSP's utilizing the new IP based infrastructure. BSI with its IP based core network has emerged as an integrator and solution provider for both corporations and enterprises looking for innovative and cost effective solutions. BSI is currently interconnected with more than 200 TDM and IP carriers to provide an LCR which suits the entire voice market segment. BSI is providing multi vendor solutions to enterprises around the globe through its Facilities.

BSI currently provides voice services based on its solution of IP Centrex / PBX and IP phones by replacing any existing traditional voice network. B SI can also provide an economical international voice service to corporations and enterprises just by hooking up their existing PBX and voice network to BlackStallionsInt's SIP and H323 based VOIP system.

Pc2phone solution with excellent features & quality. We offer our Pc2phone application with customized branding so
you can market this
solution under your
own private brarand
and label ...

Call Shop / Cafe solutions will enable people to make long distance and international phone calls at considerably lower prices as compared to the PSTN.

Traditionally, the telecom
sector has been one of
the most lucrative market segments in both emerging
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